Seattle Magazine Story: Women in Tech

The March issue of Seattle Magazine featured my work this month on the story of women’s struggle to play a larger role in technology. Sadly, I can’t believe this is an issue in the 21st century, as we should all be pretty equal throughout in any industry. Bottom line to me is, if you are good enough to do the job, then your gender, color, beliefs, sexual preference, Elvis-lover/Beatle-lover, Coke or Pepsi, none of that should matter. Let’s straighten it all out already America! C’mon!

Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack was awesome to work with. I had two hours to spend with her shooting a portrait shot. Tarah is a very strong natured woman who knew what she wanted in the shot, something serious and to the point. We shot around Seattle Central College, where she teaches computer programming and several other courses, and started our shoot in a sloped alley with black walls next to a club she likes to go to. The shot that ran is actually at the mouth of the alley and I am shooting up from halfway down it.tarahwheelersmag

Here are some outtakes:

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I loved her look. She was sort of a cross between Lucille Ball and Beverly D’Angelo. I wanted to make sure I got a good mix of options since I didn’t know what the layout would be. Thanks to Art Director Matt Cole for such a good layout!

And, its always fun to get a shot of my daughter in a magazine too on the Contributor section!




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