Working with Greenpeace

The Death Star has cleared the planet...
The Death Star has cleared the planet…
Kayak protesters formed a flotilla to make a statement against the oil rig coming into Seattle.

A buddy of mine called me to let me know Greenpeace needed a photographer to cover the Polar Pioneer oil rig coming to Seattle today. I just sat down to have lunch with a friend when I got the call so I scrambled down to Alki Beach and met the Director of Photography for Greenpeace and jumped in a Zodiac and took off. Such is the life I guess…

I had to admit, I reeled at the ruling last week of President Obama to allow for drilling off Alaska, and to have the rig show up just a few days later was pretty shocking. Honestly, tearing open new veins of fossil fuels just seems to be the wrong direction from where we should be focusing our energy needs. You can see more photos here;20150514oilrig1739 20150514oilrig176620150514oilrig2140 20150514oilrig2656 20150514oilrig2576

Oops…Fox News caught me…:)scottnews.tiff


One thought on “Working with Greenpeace

  1. HAH! -Interesting work, isn’t it??? Especially when you get “caught in the act” (FOX News). Just printed it, and sent it to Mom.

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