ON COURSE-Seattle Times


Seattle Times custom insert On Course featured a storyI photographed showcasing two college bound girls. The first was Northwest High School Senior Azula Wilson who was accepted into the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU. The other was Emelia Glaser, who is navigating between some schools with her mother, Clair Nold-Glaser’s help. Since Clair is a college counselor, I think she is probably in good hands!

Azula Romero and her mother, Constanza Romero (center), shop at Guitar Center for a new keyboard mixer and audio equipment with the help of salesperson Nick Powell March 8. The equipment will be important for her studies in music this Fall at Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, part of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. (Photo by N. Scott Trimble

I wanted to get something a little more natural with Azula than just sitting at home for a photo. So when her mom told me she and Azula needed to get sound equipment at some point, I encouraged them to go ahead and take her shopping for what she needed in the Fall at Guitar Center in Seattle. I just let them look over the things they were checking out and photographed with a mix of the natural light and radio-controlled speed lights I would drop here and there. In the end, I got some great shots, Azula’s mom Constanza got her talented daughter a top-notch keyboard and sound equipment (which is even cooler since it was HER birthday that day–well played Azula, well played 🙂 )  So keep your ears open, there is a talented future music producer that is starting to carve out her future!



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