The Long Haul

I met Barry Long a few years ago while contracting with Microsoft. Barry has a passion he is building with his Talk&Roll motivational speaking business which has taken him to motivating the people of Boeing, Microsoft and UW Medical Center.

Going for the blur motion shot!
Barry loves to race, and has competed in several sports over the years. So I wanted to convey that spirit in him with some motion blur options like this set up shows.


But I especially love his work helping returning soldiers as they transition from the terrors of the battlefield to ‘normal’ life. Injuries can scar on the inside and the outside, and Barry has overcome both. A paraplegic since he was 22 after a terrible motorcycle accident shattered his spine, Barry drew deep inside himself to rebuild his life and health.  With the support of his family, friends, and a Devil May Care attitude, it isn’t hard to see he’s comfortable taking on just about any challenge, including a cold stream to photograph in! But heck, the guy set a bungee jumping record in his wheelchair once, so there isn’t much I think I can push him with!

He’s an outdoor’s guy, and not really daunted by the conditions trails in the Northwest can throw at you, even fording a stream. Check out that monster rig!

We shot Barry out at Juanita Bay Park in Kirkland and Coal Creek Trail in Bellevue to get a good reflection of his passion for the Northwest outdoors. He even has a customized all terrain wheelchair for taking on more challenging trails. Special thanks to my assistant, Ashley Solus for some terrific work out there!

I have to shout out to the amazing Profoto B1 500s I used on the shoot. We hiked about a mile into Coal Creek and the wireless lights were great and easy to use. Not as powerful as the B4 system, but for moving fast and light, I was pretty happy!



3 thoughts on “The Long Haul

  1. Barry is such an amazing inspiration to us all in many ways! I realized this in the first moment I met him. Awesome shoot!

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